The carbon black manufacturing process, has two key inputs, pre heated process air and pre heated carbon black feed stock. The two ingredients are fed in a controlled manner along with process gases into a reactor, specifically designed to deliver certain grades of carbon black. In the reaction occurs in the reaction zone of the reactor, and is arrested at a certain distance from the feedstock injection point. This part of the process if key to delivering key carbon black attributes and hence must be controlled with precision.

The gasses and black are then carried forward, after further cooling in the heat exchangers, the mixture is directed into filters where the black is separated from the tail gasses. The carbon black is subsequently directed through a sequence of dressing operations, first through an agitator to prep the black prior to its entry into pelletizing segments where the fluffy black is converted into more manageable and workable pellets and the hammer mill where any grit or coarse particles are broken down to an acceptable size. The wet pellets are then dried in the dryer and sieved though a series of magnets and screens to ensure the cleanliness of the material. Finally the products enter the storage and are packed to customer requirements for dispatch.

Rigorous in process testing of the black is conducted at various stages to production to ensure quality and consistency of the product.


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