Ralson Carbon is renowned for high quality products. With our 30+ years of experience in the industry and our continuously growing expertise, we give our clients the assurance of reliability and the confidence of an even better future. At Ralson Carbon all furnace black grades are manufactured to ASTM standards and further customised to enhance our customers process line and products.

This versatile product, has a wide range of applications when used as a filler to modify mechanical, electrical and optical properties of the medium in which it is dispersed. Carbon Black adds different properties to the mould it is dispersed in, for instance when added to rubber these fillers modify fracture behaviour, improve abrasion and fracture properties, but when compounded to plastics, the black adds UV protection, electrical conductance, Jetness, opacity and reinforcement. The product thus plays a major role in elastomers, plastics, paints and inks.

The primary carbon black properties that influence the behaviour of carbon black compounds are :

  • particle size
  • aggregate size
  • aggregate distribution
  • surface area, and
  • porosity


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