Ralson Carbon manufactures all grades of furnace blacks; soft black and hard black grades that have been strengthening and reinforcing rubber products, adding opacity to plastics, and balancing color formulations for many leaders of the industry. Be it the tyres that drive your vehicle or the belts that convey your products, we touch lives in many different ways.

While the product resembles black powder, it is in essence a very pure form of carbon with manifold uses. It is obtained from partial combustion of hydrocarbons and mostly used as a reinforcing filler agent in automobile tyres and rubber products. It is also used in printing ink, paint, protective coatings, plastics and resistors for electric circuits. Ralson Carbon is renowned for high quality products

We are continuously a Work In Progress always improving capability and boosting capacity.

We Plan

We create a road map that aligns to our vision.

We Evolve

We are a continuous "work in progress" to keep ahead of the market needs.

We Innovate

The product is age old, the technology and quality isn't!

We Deliver

Our Roadmap guides our evolution, our innovation supports our vision, to deliver beyond our customers’ needs.

Our motto has lead to continuous growth and a sustainable future for the company.


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Sangrur, Punjab – 148019

Mob. : + 91 7341107450 / 51 / 52 / 53

Email:- info@ralsongoodluck.com